What to avoid in the kitchen?

Beautiful metal tiles for copper kitchen backsplashes

What to avoid in the kitchen?

What to avoid in the kitchen?

Check how to make your kitchen look beautiful.

You already know how to furnish your kitchen, but are afraid you’ll make basic mistakes in the arrangement? Just find out what to avoid in the kitchen.

Watch out for the colors above all.

Don’t mix too many colors together, and stick to your chosen tones. Choose the type of lighting wisely, so that one or two bulbs aren’t too badly lit (this also applies to small rooms).

And even if it’s going to cost you a lot of time and energy, choose kitchen furniture and room arrangement wisely.

You don’t have to be a specialist in interior design.

Think carefully about your needs, try to recreate the way you move around the kitchen, which you use most often, what must be on top. It depends on your habits and convenience whether a drawer with compartments is more functional or an open shelf where you can directly and quickly reach for the most needed products. Therefore, besides following all this advice, trust your intuition.

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