What color to choose for the kitchen?

Beautiful metal tiles for copper kitchen backsplashes

What color to choose for the kitchen?

What color to choose for the kitchen?

Modern, white kitchen, or classic in warm colors?

When you have a ready-made arrangement design and all the furniture is pre-selected, you can think about the colors. And what color for your kitchen? It already depends on the decor of the whole apartment and the style that dominates the interior.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind: the kitchen should be bright and cozy. This is especially important for small kitchen arrangements, where dark colors will optically reduce the space. It is also important whether there is a window in the kitchen. If so, and the sunlight naturally illuminates the interior, you can afford a slightly darker color combination.

What about the wall in your kitchen? It’s best to apply paint in a neutral color, such as grey or beige. You can also lay tiles on the whole surface of walls, but nowadays this solution is being abandoned. Especially as it has to be kept in mind that each tile and adhesive mortar is a few centimeters less available space.

What color of kitchen furniture to choose? Modern, white or classic? Contrary to appearances, a white kitchen is not difficult to keep clean, and optically enlarges the room. But if you feel better in classic interiors, opt for practical and cozy beiges and browns.

Remember also that you can combine the colors in your kitchen with strong, energetic accessories. By changing the accessories placed on your kitchen worktop from time to time, you’ll be able to completely change your kitchen design.

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