Kitchen Floor Tiling Service for One of Our Clients in New York

Kitchen Floor Tiling Service for One of Our Clients in New York

Kitchen Floor Tiling Service for One of Our Clients in New York

While serving millions of clients with kitchen floor tiling service in the past several years, we at Tiler Services have several stories to share with the world. Our teams are determined to provide a special experience to every client, and this is always amazing to end the project with a completely satisfied client. 

Out of several impressive stories and experiences that we cherished during years of services, today I am here to share a recent experience with one of our clients in New York

We received a call last month from a couple in New York; they were eager to find some incredible solution for finishing their kitchen floor. With so many doubts and curiosities in their mind, it was actually difficult to explain things to them on call. So, our team decided to visit their place the very next day to have a detailed discussion of the project. Like always, we were equipped with all the sample products and photo collections to help them make the best decisions for their home renovation project. 

After reaching their place, we started exploring the area where tiles were required to be installed. We observed the décor theme of the rest of the house that was a classic yet complementary with a soothing statement. Well, we started the discussion with the couple and tried to clear all their doubts regarding their kitchen renovation project. 

As they were little aware of tiling service and options; we took the initiative to help you explore all design ideas. Starting from the material of the tiles, color, design, pattern, and shapes; we discussed almost everything with our clients. 

First of all, we identified the area where tiling was required to be installed in the kitchen and then guided them with the best material options for all those locations. After making a detailed analysis, they decided to install ceramic tiles on the countertop and the unique copper finish on the wall. For the floor tiling, they again decided to go ahead with ceramic but with a unique touch of color and pattern.

Kitchen floor Tiling Service

While making a selection for the materials, they were also worried about the pricing, but our team helped them to make easy decisions by providing adequate estimates for all available options. We always believe that tile selection must complement the lifestyle of the family, and the selections made after hour-long discussions were truly perfect. As they also had a pet at home, ceramic tiles on the floor were the best choice for the family with its easy cleaning and least maintenance requirements. 

Right after making all essential decisions about the renovation project, we finally signed the contract with the clients. The renovation project began right on the next day, and our team reached their place with all tools and equipment. We took almost four days to install kitchen tiles, and the couple was really happy with the experience. By the end, it was definitely amazing to complete the job with a happy and satisfied client. 

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