How to Pour a Proper Concrete Slab?

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How to Pour a Proper Concrete Slab?

How to Pour a Proper Concrete Slab?

Having a beautiful and functional home exterior is the dream of every homeowner and a concrete driveway is the best addition to the premises. If it is installed accurately, it can last for decades while making your investment worth. And the best part is that installing a proper concrete slab doesn’t cost you extra money and time; it just demands the right technique. And only professional teams at Tiler Services can serve you better to complete such projects.

Simple steps to pour a proper concrete slab:

Below we have listed a few simple steps that one need to follow to pour a proper concrete slab that could last longer:

1. Protect adjacent slab:

Before starting your project, you need to protect the adjacent sidewalks and concrete slabs. The fact is that when concrete runs out of the chute into the ground, it may splash around. Hence, it is first important to add a protective layer to the sidings to avoid the mess.

2. Order the concrete:

Many people get confused while placing an order for the concrete quantity. Well, you should first calculate the volume in cubic yards to estimate the quantity. Measure the length and width of the slab and then divide it by 27. After this, you need to add 10% for the slab depth and spillage. Our professionals can guide you better to measure this quantity.

3. Use hand signals:

You need to communicate with the truck driver regarding an adequate position for pouring the material. Make sure the driver is watching you using the side view mirror and you have to stay within his focus range. It is good to pour the concrete in small sections and spread the concrete evenly in the entire area. Make sure you use the right tools such as a concrete rake or placed to get the finest results.

4. Push the rocks down:

If there are chunks of gravel on the surface, they may cause chipping issues. The professionals can help you push the larger rocks deeper to ensure adequate concrete finishing. It is done by following small stabbing motion right after the first pour.

concrete slab

5. Concrete finishing:

Along with the gentle pushing of rocks into the surface, it is good to use a bull float that helps to level the concrete slab. Start floating right when the concrete is poured down and when it is wet enough to get the shape. This process is very useful to smooth out the troughs, ridges, and valleys that may otherwise develop after screeding.

Well, the process may appear easier while reading but it actually requires lots of experience and the right technique. Instead of executing such tasks by following DIY procedures, it is better to call professionals at Tiler Service. They have years of experience and know the right techniques to pour the concrete slab with higher accuracy. These trained teams use the right set of tools and ensure adequate results for your home renovation or development project. Prefer to book an appointment in advance to furnish your exteriors with the most elegant appeal.

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