How to arrange the cabinets in your kitchen?

Beautiful metal tiles for copper kitchen backsplashes

How to arrange the cabinets in your kitchen?

How to arrange the cabinets in your kitchen?

Tiles, glass plates or paint?

Once the furniture and worktop have been chosen, it’s time to arrange the walls between the lower and upper kitchen cabinets.

In the beginning, it is worth noting that this space should be about 60 cm high. In the case of low height, it is worth shortening this distance so as not to make it difficult to use the upper shelves.

The most popular solution is to place tiles between cabinets.

Tiles can have different shapes, colors, and textures, so there are many possibilities. What about a wall in the kitchen instead of tiles?

Nowadays in many modern kitchens, you can find glass panels that have different, fancy patterns or printed pictures of exotic places.

You can also often find an idea to paint your walls with blackboard paint, which is not the best solution in practice.

While writing with chalk, pollen is created, which reaches directly the kitchen worktop… It is difficult to notice and clean microscopic pollen, and no one seems to need to convince that chalk in food is not the best idea.

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